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Direct Mail Marketing





Direct mail has proven itself over time to be a consistent and effective form of communication. 

Direct Mail Services and Direct Mail Campaigns

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Units Sold

Data as of May 2021. Units sold are based on 30% average close ratio provided by clients. PEAK MARKETING & BRANDING MAKES NO WARRANTIES REGARDING THE PERFORMANCE OR OPERATION OF THE CAMPAIGN.

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VIP-RSVP.  When advertising an event or special invitation, the VIP-RSVP website allows customers to RSVP without ever picking up the phone. 

VEHICLE TRADE PROGRAM.  On buyback specific ads, this website is a good option to capture leads from customers interested in upgrading or trading in their vehicles. ​

WHATS MY PRIZE. Everyone loves free gifts. Whats My Prize is a great way to capture leads & is the most popular lead website to date. It allows customers to "claim their prizes." 

WHATS MY AMOUNT. Targeting customers with less than perfect credit? This website allows them to input their information and begin the process of pre-qualification on a vehicle loan. 



RECEIVE THE PROPER FUNDING FOR YOUR CAMPAIGN. Because many manufacturers offer a co-op program, you are eligible to receive funding for your campaign. Peak has a trained team of artists who can identify guidelines specific to each manufacturer. The ads are built to meet yours and the manufacturer needs; if applicable, Peak also submits the ad(s) for pre-approval (whether it be for co-op or compliance) and co-op packages are sent to you following printing. Packages include mail receipts, live samples, and more. 

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